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Jordan And Chris's Ghostly Adventures

East Tennessee State University
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ETSU is supposedly one of the most haunted campuses in the Southeast. Almost all the buildings are occupied by at least one spirit. I've only really encountered one, so I'll write about my experience here. At the bottom of the page I'll write a little about each of the buildings.

The Bud Frank Theater

This is where my story comes in. I had heard the theater was haunted, but I could never find a story on it. One late fall night I was walking around campus with two of my friends, Brandon and Johnathan. Brandon and I had seen weird shadows in windows so we were originally investigating that. Now, the theater is located on the first floor in Gilbreath Hall.(where we saw shadows.) We actually wanted to get into Gilbreath, but the janitor was still on the first floor. There are two doors on the outside that lead to the theater that were unlocked, which was weird. Usually they lock those earlier. But we went in. All the lights were on. We asked if anyone was there and noone answered. We walked up and down the seats. Noone there. We leave and go back outside and we hear a loud bang from the inside of the doors. Johnathan jumped back. Brandon had seen someone in the window so we walked over to him. Then we heard very loud singing coming from the theater. Loud and low. It stopped after a minute. It freaked the janitor out, He ran. We open the doors again and noone is there. I have been back there on several occasions and nothing has happened. That is the only time.

Gilbreath Hall

It is said that the spirit of Sydney Gilbreath haunts the halls. Students have reported seeing a person in the outline of a man in the windows, especially on the fourth floor, the attic, which is only accesible through janitors doors on the second floor.

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