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Ok guys, it's Jordan with some good rules for ghost hunting. Before you can go out and ghost hunt there are a few tips to abide by. Not only for your safety but also just out of respect for the dead. With that said let's look at tip #1.

1. First and foremost, find a haunted spot. Just because a building is over 100 years old does not mean it is haunted. Make sure the place has ghosts before conducting an investigation.

2. Always be respectful. Let the ghosts know they are not forgotten. They were once people. You could end up like them one day.

3. Don't tease or tempt a spirit. We just want to document their presence, not to make them mad. Teasing a spirit could backfire on you, do you really want to wake up the next morning and have Old Man Sensabaugh in bed with you?

4. Ghosts feed off of fear. Always act professional and have self-control. We will all get scared sometimes but control it. It may protect you.

5. If you are unfamiliar with the place you are going to investigate visit it during the day and plan out any obstacles or problems. For example, Chris and I went to find Dark Hollow and Morgan Branch Graveyard during the day and got very lost and confused on some of the roads. Darn you Google maps. None the less, we found our way and were prepared for the night adventure.

6. Never go alone. Common sense people.

Most importantly have fun!