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The Origin Of Ghostly Adventures

Ghostly Adventures and this site are operated by Jordan Hardin and myself, Christopher Morgan. We have been interested in the paranormal for a while and recently started hunting together again. Our first trip together was to Sensabaugh Tunnel in the summer of 2007. I myself have been drawn to these things since I was 16, but am now getting serious about it again. As for the lovely Jordan, I'm sure she'll add her two cents on down. When I first started doing it, it wasn't really about trying to find ghost, spirits, and things of the such. We were just young kids looking for a thrill. Sometimes on a good night, maybe that pretty little girl would snuggle up next to me. It's evolved a lot from that. I have this burning question inside needing to know if these things are real and what they are. I hope by documenting our adventures, I can help shed some light on that.


Ok, I'll add my "two cents" in now. I've always been interested in the paranormal, but just recently developed an interest in hunting. Chris took me to Sensabaugh for my first time Summer 2007 (which I think he mentioned) and I absolutely loved it. During the fall I started walking around my college campus at night going on ghost hunts. I go to ETSU, one of the most haunted schools in the Southeast. What really got me started doing this was (and if you know anything about ETSU) my encounter at the Bud Frank Theater. I was with two of my friends. 11:30 at night, we just walked in the theater (it was unlocked, though I am not sure it was supposed to be) and noone was in there at all. We leave and shut the door and hear a loud bang on the inside of the door. All of a sudden we hear someone singing in there. If was a "janitor", he was singing quite loudly and little off key. Point is, noone was in there when we checked it out after the singing stopped. So I proceeded to check out the other buildings on campus and I have made several trips to Sensabaugh Tunnel.