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Chris- 8/2/08 I honestly can't pinpoint a time and date when my interest in the paranormal first started. As younger kids, we all are probably afraid of ghost, the boogeyman, and things the live in the closet. Most of that is foolishness, stories invented by our parents to scare us into doing what they want us to. Then there comes the age of reason. Where one really understands the difference between right and wrong and begins thinking for ones self. I've always been curious about ideas and things I just can't put a grasp upon. The first of these unexplained phenomenons I really started to question was that of UFO's and aliens. I was probably around 10 years old and was riding home from Nashville with my parents. There to the left, what barely seemed to be above the tree-line was this hovering light. It was too large to be just a street light or some building light in the distance. Also, I rule out those two being this particular section of the interstate was nothing but woods on both sides. My dad, a photography enthusiast, had his camera, pulled over and took a picture. I didn't think anything of it at the time, I mean, I was ten years old. A few years later in life, around 13 of age I believe, the picture resurfaced in a photo album and I remember that whole night. Where I was sitting, things that were said, there was this uneasy feeling about the whole situation looking back on it. After that I begin to read books and ask questions about these things. Over 8 years later after finding that picture in that book, the questions remaining unanswered.