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Jordan And Chris's Ghostly Adventures

Sensabaugh Tunnel

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Sensabauh Tunnel is located in Church Hill, Tennessee (Sullivan County). It can be found on Big Elm road and will be on the left if coming from Netherland Inn Road. People sometimes get this mixed up with the nearby Click Tunnel. The tunnel was made by Sensabaugh Branch and is 348' long. It can and has been driven through but was not intended for this purpose. I do not recommend this be attempted as there is a graveyard of mufflers lost in the tunnel. Haunted South TV states that 16 men of the Clinchfield Railroad died when widening this tunnel 1920's. I can not verify this claim though. Originally a natural tunnel existed here and Hawkins County slaves would hide in it until it was deemed safe to come out via signal of lantern light. Haunt Masters Clubs states that one slave and mistress to a Hawkins County man escaped with their three children and was waiting in the tunnel when the slaveholder found them. He smashed one baby against the wall, killing it, then shot the two other children and his mistress. The youngest baby is allegedly the mournful crier of this tunnel. There are many other stories, myths, and legends about the tunnel that we may add later being it is our most common location for investigation.

4/22/08 Hunt

Chris and I went to Sensabaugh Tunnel. This is the walk through tunnel. Don't get confused with the drive through tunnel, that is the Click Tunnel. We got a few good EVPs and as soon as I figure out how to put them on here, I will. We were in the tunnel twice, due to some interruptions the first time. The first time we entered we stayed about 7 minutes. Voices could be heard from the end of the tunnel. On the recorder, we got a weird voice that neither mine nor Chris's. It is clearly heard. Chris claims to have seen something "flying" in the tunnel. We had to leave the tunnel because other people wanted in. We drove around looking for a place to listen to the recorder so we stopped at the church parking on the road. A black dog appeared at Chris's car and just stood there. Kinda creepy, it looked like it had no eyes, but we are not sure, could've been a neighbors dog. We entered the tunnel again and stayed in there longer, about 20 minutes. The voices were heard again from the end of the tunnel. EVPs will be up shortly.


I went back to Sensabaugh Sunday night with another friend of mine. It was rainy, the perfect night to go. It was by far the freakiest experience there for by far. I was blown on twice by the entity and my friend Brandon was touched on the neck and back. He also claims he heard whispers. I do know that everytime we asked the spirit a question, he would find someway to answer us, whether it be a whispered yes, noises from either end of the tunnel or a touch, he didn't want us to leave. I asked if it would be alright if I took a picture. We suddenly heard a sounds coming from the start of the tunnel. I took that as a yes and took a picture facing that direction and got a very prominent orb in the picture.


Sensabaugh Tunnel

click here to download file

You will hear what seems to be a laugh. You will hear me talking, then Chris says something and underneath that a weird laugh. Its about 7 seconds in. The rest of the clip is 6 mins long and there is nothing on there i can find, I just couldn't figure out how to delete it, but the main evp is in the first 7 seconds.