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Jordan And Chris's Ghostly Adventures

Teaberry Road Grave

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Teaberry Road is in Roan Mountain, Tennessee (Carter County). It is a left turn off a Shell Creek Road and can be accessed by way of Dark Hollow Road. On this road somewhere (the road is no more than a few miles long) lies a single gravestone. In this grave is said to lie a woman killed after being accused of witchcraft. Also, that that grave was filled with cement to keep her spirit down. An apprehensive feeling comes over those who stand over this grave. This story may relate to that of Delinda at Dark Hollow whom was also believed to be a witch.

Scouting Trip 9/20/2008

We first looked for this grave during our scouting trips of Dark Hollow and Morgan Branch. We found a lone stone with some initials on it, but we're not sure if it was a grave or not. We checked again during our hunt that night and nothing was found.